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Leatherback; Tinglar (Dermochelys coriacea)

No photo of the Leatherback; Tinglar available.


The Leatherback; Tinglar is from the order Testudines. All turtles are testudines (or Chelonia). There are more than 280 different species belonging to this order.

The Leatherback; Tinglar was first reported by Vandelli, 1761. In general members of this order are found all over the world, except for Antarctica. Turtles can range in size from just a few cms, to two metres.

The Leatherback; Tinglar has a special bony shell developed from their ribs. The shell is called a carapace, and the underside of the carapace is called the plastron. This reptile is not agile on land, but in water it is an apt swimmers.

The Leatherback; Tinglar is an air-breathing reptile. They need to surface to fill their lungs with air. They can remain underwater for extended periods of time.

The Leatherback; Tinglar is found in (but not necessarily limited to) the United States of America.


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