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Ringed Seal (Pusa hispida)

No photo of the Ringed Seal available.


The Ringed Seal is from the order Carnivora. The Carnivora (or carnivores) are meat eating mammals. Not all animals from this order are carnivores however, the panda for example is primarily vegetarian.

The Ringed Seal was first reported by Schreber, 1775 . There are now 11 families of Carnivora, with over 270 species being described.

The Ringed Seal is found in (but not necessarily limited to) the United States of America. It has a simple stomach, as all Carnivora's do. Carnivora's in general are distributed world-wide. They are mainly land animals, but seals and sea otters also fall into the Carnivora order.

They feed mainly on meat, usually hunting with stealth techniques before bringing down their prey. The Ringed Seal is able to run fast for small distances, like most Carnivora.  

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